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Center for Undergraduate Research and Graduate Opportunity

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About Us

CURGO is an organization that was founded to improve the undergraduate research experience and to make it easier for students to transition to graduate or professional studies. They promote collaboration between students and faculty while providing comprehensive resources to support intellectual exploration. CURGO is committed to helping students succeed in undergraduate research and in their future careers.

Our Vision

CURGO strives to be a premier center focused on undergraduate research and graduate school preparation, recognized for its commitment to promoting scholarly inquiry, intellectual growth, and professional development. We envision partnering with faculty, staff, administrators, and other higher education institutions to build a strong pipeline of opportunities for students who aspire to pursue graduate/professional degrees.

Our Mission

The Center for Undergraduate Research and Graduate Opportunity(CURGO) is dedicated to fostering a culture of research and academic excellence among all students and all disciplines. Our mission is to provide a supportive environment, resources, and opportunities that empower students to engage in research, pursue graduate education, and become leaders in their respective fields.